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Helping You Get Your Daily Essentials Delivered Easily

We understand the worry you feel when you find grocery stores near you closed or not having the items you may need. So, to make this simple for you we bring to you our CubeGroceryX that will ensure you get your daily essentials delivered with a few simple taps only.

Here’s how we make deliveries simple for you.

Nearby Grocery Stores

When you enter the app and provide your location details you will get a list of grocery stores nearest to you thereby helping you in the quest to choose one that is best for you.

Mark Store as Favourite

In case you enjoyed the delivery experience of a particular store you ordered your daily essentials from, you can now mark that store as favourite from your app and order from the same store again!

Scan Credit Card for Payment

No more need of typing in your card details when paying for the meals. You can now simply scan your credit card when you order your meals and the order shall get confirmed easily.


Real Time Tracking

With our CubeGroceryX app when you order items as soon as the order gets confirmed you can track the order and know its whereabouts and get an idea of its exact time of arrival.

Easy Payments

We understand the worries one faces when making payment for the groceries etc. Thus to make the task easy, we offer you a wide variety of payment modes to choose from like cash, card or wallet from which you can choose the one suiting you and make payments for your daily essentials.

Saved Address

Don’t keep typing everytime you place orders. Once as a first time user when you use our app we will save your address details thereby reducing your dilemma of the monotonous task of entering the details over and over again.

So now that you know what makes us different, you should know how the app works so that when you order your groceries from us you know it is an easy process.`

How CubeGroceryX Works

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